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Sala Miradero

Miradero Room

An exclusive space that has enough privacy to host small meetings or presentations. It is also used as the VIP area of the multipurpose space Zocodover.

The Miradero rooms are an original space for holding meetings. It is worth highlighting the views of the Zocodover space, through a large window, allowing a large amount of light to pass through, standing at the top. It is used as a VIP room or for exclusive meetings. Located in the upper part of the multipurpose room, it is accessible from floor -1 via elevator and stairs. The access is also available from the Zocodover room, being able to configure the event in both rooms.

It undoubtedly offers a different proposal to frame your events or meetings. Therefore, it is a place as suitable for high-level meetings as for small presentations.

Ultimately, despite being a well-lit space, it can also provide the privacy needed on some occasions.


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Get to know the different spaces of the Toledo Conference Center.

The spectacular Auditorium, the multipurpose room Zocodover, the spacious Sala Toledo or the functional rooms El Greco and Miradero. A whole range of possibilities to organize all kinds of events and conferences.