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Get to know the different spaces of the Toledo Conference Center.


A dream Auditorium, conceived for the enjoyment of both attendees and participants of each event.

Its configuration is inspired by the Greek theater. The 925 seats are organized in three cavities forming a continuum. This layout ensures that all viewers have a visual contact with each other and avoids hierarchies.

Each cave is connected to one of the three floors of the conference center, allowing easy access and evacuation of the room. With no doubt, this is a stunning space where its functionality and its perfect organization prevail.

The room scene is equipped with three galleries, comb and counter comb. All equipped with counterbalanced bars. The main stage floor is adjustable in height for the formation of bleachers on stage and to allow different settings of the scene.

The first four rows of seats are movable to open an orchestra pit. They can be lifted alternately and function as an enlargement of the scene.

The stage can serve as a single surface, to host shows with a large number of participants, or it can be subdivided to simultaneously have a stage inside the hall and another behind the curtain for the assembly. The room is equipped with electro-acoustic installation and has a projection booth and simultaneous translation rooms.


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Get to know the different spaces of the Toledo Conference Center.

The spectacular Auditorium, the multipurpose room Zocodover, the spacious Sala Toledo or the functional rooms El Greco and Miradero. A whole range of possibilities to organize all kinds of events and conferences.