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      Fly in hot air balloon in Toledo

      Imposing views from a globe


      Toledo from the air.

      Flying in a hot air balloon means enjoying the sensation of floating. Enjoying an impressive panoramic view of Toledo is an overwhelming experience. Sail at the speed of the wind and contemplate the incredible landscapes that can be seen from a bird’s eye view. This experience will allow us to discover the colors that dawn offers us from the air.


      Balloon flying is an activity regulated by the State Air Safety Agency. The balloons are registered aircraft and pass rigorous controls to ensure that everything is in perfect condition to fly. The pilots are qualified professionals with ample experience to make flights with passengers. For this reason, each balloon has a civil liability insurance that covers all passengers.

      The activity lasts approximately 3 hours, starts early in the morning, at the place set as a meeting point. Balloon flights are made at dawn, because that is when the atmosphere is more stable and less windy.


      With takeoff, we will start the ride enjoying the tranquility and silence that envelops us in the air. Meanwhile, we will observe stunning aerial views of Toledo. Likewise, we can reach a maximum height of up to 1,000 meters. All this will be recorded in a video where your experience will be recorded while flying in Balloon in Toledo. In addition, a photographic report will be included which will be delivered to the attendees. After landing, we will celebrate the traditional toast with cava, a picnic lunch and the delivery of balloon flight certificates. At the end of the activity, the ground team consisting of 4×4 vehicles will transfer us back to the takeoff point.


      FROM € 190 + VAT / person



      • Vuelo de 1h aproximadamente
      • Almuerzo al aterrizar
      • Brindis con cava
      • Entrega de certificados de vuelo en Globo