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      Time travel by
      the monumental Toledo

      A Monumental Environment

      Tourist guide explaining a chapel in the Toledo Monumental
      Toledo, a historical complex declared a World Heritage Site, is at the same time a meeting place for history and tradition. A universal model of coexistence and tolerance of religions for centuries. Imperial capital of Carlos V, home of El Greco, Visigoth capital and primacy of Spain. Its privileged location and the natural embrace of the Tagus, make it a universal reference of history, art and culture.
      Tourists with guide in Toledo Monumental
      As a result, we will discover among the narrow streets and collect squares, the curiosities and legends of this mysterious and charming city.

      Likewise, during the tour we will reach monumental and emblematic buildings. Also popular squares and great monuments. These will tell us the history and beauty of the city.

      First, we will start with a pleasant walk through the quiet streets of the city. From the hand of one of the best guides in Toledo, the group will be gifted along the entire route. Luckily, all attendees will be able to use wireless headphones for a better quality of visit.

      “A pleasant walk through all ages in a unique city … that welcomes us with unforgettable surprises along our route.”

      The Mozarabia

      The Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes On SPECIAL VISIT

      San Juan de los Reyes, erected to commemorate the victory of Isabel La Católica in the Battle of Toro, is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Spanish architecture. Monumental church and cloister with intense decorations in praise of the Catholic Monarchs.

      The Juderia

      Santa María La Blanca La Sinagoga Mayor de Toledo

      The largest of the eleven that the Jewish quarter of Toledo had. Surrounded by gardens populated with cypress trees that invite you to contemplate the sky. Its five white ships express all the greatness of the Sephardic people.

      In Santa María La Blanca, the incomparable beauty stands out above all. Its thirty-two pilasters, capitals with ornamentation of pineapple stems and scrolls in rhomboid composition. None equals the other.

      Considered as the best example of Almohad art in Spain, its beauty is based on the simplicity and the contrast of the very white lime with the brick. A place that overflows spirituality and that perfectly reflects the coexistence between the Three Cultures.

      The Moreria

      Old Mosque of El Salvador Return To TulayTula

      Tulaytula, is the name that Islamic Toledo receives. The true protagonist of the physiognomy of the city, labyrinthine, dotted with adarves or dead ends, intricate streets covered by sheds, very tolerant structures that join the houses on the high side creating tunnels, beautiful arches and giving the city a unique personality . Creator of the color of its streets, the framework of its houses formed with the characteristic Toledo rig.

      El Salvador Mosque presents the most hidden and unknown Toledo, which constitutes the most recent archaeological find in the city.

      The rehabilitation works of this mosque, with a first phase of Islamic occupation of the IX-X centuries, have resulted in the discovery of one of the oldest mosques in northern Europe.

      Its recent enhancement and adaptation allows us to contemplate the beauty of a sacred space and revive the life of the primitive Al-Andalus.


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