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      Toledo Falls in Love

      A tour of a magical and evocative city. Therefore, discovering its hidden corners and revealing the stories they keep, is one of Toledo’s greatest pleasures. Because there are streets that tell us past legends of loves and disappointments, of impossible friendships between Jews and Christians. Also, the fascination for the luxury and beauty of women and palaces. A mysterious Toledo that hides under the profile of the city. For this reason, we will relive the experience of former residents who left their lives here and the vicissitudes of their existence

      Walls of Toledo a magical city

      <blockquote>Fabulous legends: deadly prophecies, ghosts and statues that come to life, the waters of a well that bitter because of the crying of the desperate lover, the laughter of the deceived friends …</blockquote>

      During the tour we will reach monumental and emblematic buildings, such as popular squares, secluded alleys and great monuments that give their history, legend and beauty to the city.

      We will discover among narrow streets and secluded squares, the curiosities and legends that this mysterious and charming city treasures.

      Sensations and encounters with the most romantic, heroic and emotional Toledo. An entertaining and enjoyable journey through time, guided by a guide-narrator, with stories that shake and move: madness, revenge, affronts and eternal friendships …

      A pleasant walk through all eras in a unique city … that welcomes us with unforgettable surprises along our route


      Pozo del Salvador A hidden gem
      The underground well located in the Plaza de San Marcos is the most recent archaeological find in the city.

      Located next to one of the oldest mosques in northern Europe, the recent archaeological excavations in the neighboring church of El Salvador have resulted in the discovery of the primitive mosque of the 9th-10th centuries, set on a late Roman stratum, whose courtyard ablutions endowed with well and cistern has clear connection with this place.

      Its excellent conservation and its current revaluation allow us to enjoy exclusively the beauty of an original space, unique sample of popular engineering in the city, which reveals the importance of water in a society based on the rock that carves and protects a river.

      Jewish House Open exclusively for the group

      Where tradition locates the dwelling of the Jew Isaac, who acquired the jewels of Queen Elizabeth so that she financed the expedition that, headed by Christopher Columbus, would seek a new way for the Indies. We find in its basements a mikvé or bath of Purification, essential for the life of the Jewish woman, the family and the Jewish quarter.

      An element of great relevance for its archaeological study is a piece of wood used as a threshold of access to the basement, where you can see the work of wood carving with floral motifs based on eardrums and roleos, accompanying the Hebrew epigraphic repertoire whose transcription says : «Thank you I give you, because you have answered me


      FROM € 35 + VAT / person


       (Includes guide, headphones, entrances to 2 archaeological sites and guided walk)