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      Sensory experience in the Tapestry Museum

      Visit the Museum of Tapestries and Textiles of Toledo with sensory proposals for the 5 senses.

      To begin, the rooms of the Museum will be visited offering explanations putting into play the 5 senses.

      As a consequence, we will be able to contemplate the goldsmithing by candlelight with its natural sparkles. Also, in the Museum of Tapestries and Textiles of Toledo, we can feel the smells of the 4 known continents. In addition, we will know the ritual with liturgical garments. We will listen to the music of the Court of the Catholic Monarchs in front of the “Tanto Monta” tapestry. We can feel the textures of remnants of different textiles, We will taste the flavors of yesteryear in the cave between reservoirs. Finally, to contemplate the stars in front of the Astrolabe Tapestry.


      You can see The Old Monument of Holy Week created in 1806 and that was not exhibited since 1956. The clothes that belonged to the Cardinals Mendoza, Cisneros and Fonseca or the four silver spheres that represent the four continents known in the seventeenth century. You can also enjoy one of the jewels of the Museum, the Tapestry of the Astrolabs, where we observe the medieval conception of the universe in the s. XV. You can see the Mithra of Cardinal Quiroga, a piece in which El Greco was inspired to perform the Mithra worn by Saint Augustine in the painting The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.


      Visiting price: € 25 + VAT

      (Includes entrance to monument, guide, headphones, and sensory experience)

      Supplement for dinner space: € 65 / person + VAT (Includes room fee for dinner inside the museum) *