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      On May 6, 2019 we celebrated an informative Breakfast of the Toledo Tribune.

      The Toledo Room has hosted an informative breakfast organized by the Toledo Tribune. The President of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha Emiliano García Page, has presided over the event. Other personalities such as the mayor of Toledo and the president of the Regional Courts have also attended. The Vice President of the Board and several Councilors and Counselors of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha have also attended.

      A total of 220 people have attended this event sponsored by the energy company, Naturgy. In this informative breakfast, we have had the assistance of our catering staff to attend and serve the attendees.

      In the organizational part, the Palace services have arranged the room with round tables for 8 and 9 people. We have had a central stage of 18 m2. Above it, the presidential table has been set up with 4 seats and a music stand. Closing that stage, a rear canvas with the graphic image of the event has been installed. Likewise, microphones have been provided to the table and the lectern and a lighting reinforcement for the stage has been installed. A work area has also been set up for media with platforms for cameras and graphics, and with audio distribution.

      We thank Promecal, editorial group of La Tribuna de Toledo, having chosen, once again, the Palace of Congresses “El Greco” of Toledo for these informative meetings.