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      GEICAM International Symposium on breast cancer.

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      The Toledo Palace of Congress hosted between May 27 and 29, the XII International GEICAM Symposium on breast cancer.

      Breast cancer is the most common tumor in western women. In Spain about 32,825 new cases are diagnosed per year (Data in Spain 2018). For this reason, the GEICAM Group has held its 12th International Symposium at the Toledo Conference Center.

      View of the auditorium at the GEICAM breast cancer symposium
      Auditorium lighting at the GEICAM breast cancer symposium
      Auditorium screen at the GEICAM breast cancer symposium
      Novartis breast cancer event
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      Sala Toledo geicam breast cancer event


      For this symposium, more than 400 oncologists and great international leaders have gathered.

      Among them Dennis Slamon, considered a world leader in breast cancer research. Dr. Miguel Martín Jiménez, president of GEICAM, also attended. The event was coordinated by José Ignacio Chacón, head of Oncology at the Hospital de Toledo.

      As a result, they reviewed the progress made in the investigation of a “very frequent” disease in women. These great professionals have shared knowledge and experiences in order to advance against this type of cancer.


      Access from zocodover room geicam symposium
      Preparation of the zocodover room for catering
      Conferencia geicam sala toledo


      This symposium has been titled “THE BIG DATA APPLIED TO THE MEDICAL IMAGE”. For this, they have arranged all the rooms of the Palace for the attention of the attendees.

      As a result of these acts, all the rooms of the Palace were enabled, adapting them with different functionalities. It should be noted the main function of the Auditorium, which hosted the main sessions

      Different events that have promoted large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Roche or Novartis.

      For this event, our Toledo Conference Center team coordinated all audiovisual production (sound, lighting, broadcast, projection). Also the services of simultaneous translation, and the production of a large part of the scenographic and branding elements of the symposium.

      In addition, the Palace catering teams were responsible for preparing both the coffee and the lunch that were served.


      Catering Palacio de Congresos de Toledo
      Detalles del catering para simposium
      Bebidas catering
      Decoración puertas para el simposio de geicam
      Servicio de guardarropa Palacio de Congresos Toledo
      Lona exterior del Palacio para el simposio de geicam
      Finally, we highlight the great impact that the act has had on different media:

      The Toledo Tribune:


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      https://www.europapress.es/castilla-lamancha/noticia-expertos-cancer-mama-inciden-terapia-individual-mejorar-resultados-obtener-tratamientos-menos-toxicos-20190328131414.htmlSER string: https://cadenaser.com/emisora/2019/03/26/ser_toledo/1553605402_999854.html