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Toledo, World Heritage City ... and for the senses

Live Toledo and enjoy its gastronomy … give free rein to your senses.

The gastronomy of Toledo is part of the identity of our city, of the Three Cultures. Therefore, you should know that Toledo cuisine is mestizo and has Moorish, Sephardic and Christian influences, with typical dishes of good quality that are also marked by our hunting and pastoral traditions.

In the tourism offered by Toledo you can enjoy a mix between heritage, culture, crafts and of course gastronomy. The richness of typical Toledo food is varied, like the history of our city, and has a strong influence by our proximity to the Montes de Toledo and our location in La Mancha, land of important La Mancha cheeses, wines and oils. The wines of La Mancha irrigate and combine with the food of Toledo. Like saffron, present in many of the typical dishes.

Toledo was the Spanish capital of gastronomy during 2016, so our selection of typical Toledo dishes, which you should not miss to get to know us more in depth, is incalculable. However, in your visit to Toledo, discovering every corner of our city, World Heritage Site since 1986, you can not miss tasting, at least, these typical Toledo dishes, as part of our history, our traditions and a back in time trip.

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Discover the city of the three cultures. World Heritage.

The artistic value of Toledo is incalculable. All styles converge in this city: Arabic, Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance.

The historical and artistic wealth has made it worthy of the name of World Heritage City by Unesco since 1986. In few places in the world it is possible to see, mixed and complementing each other, a mosque like Bab-al- Mardum, a synagogue like that of Samuel Levi and a great cathedral of the stature of the cousin of Toledo.

Converted, for centuries, into a city of legend, asleep in the dream of a history that made it a capital day of Europe and the undisputed center of Spanish life, Toledo is today an expanding city, the modern administrative capital of Castilla-La Mancha , that intact the charm of its narrow and labyrinthine streets, the splendor of its monuments, carved as a caprice on the rock that delimits the Tagus and, above all, its aroma of mystery and its openness to the world and tourism.

Sweets of Toledo

The hands of Toledo artisan pastry chiefs and closing nuns, make Toledo your SWEET EXPERIENCE.


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