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Learn more characteristics about the Auditorium

The configuration of the auditorium is based on the model of the Greek theater. The 975 seats – in their radial placement – are organized in three caveas that form a continuous plane. This “democratic” distribution guarantees that all viewers have a visual relationship between them and avoids hierarchies. Each cavea is connected to one of the three floors of the congress center, thereby allowing easy access and evacuation of the hall.

The scene of the room is endowed with three galleries, and back and offstage, all equipped with bars counterbalanced in their majority. The main floor of the scene is adjustable in height for the formation of stands on the stage and to allow different configurations of the scene.

The first four rows of seats are mobile to open an orchestra pit. They can be raised alternately and function as an extension of the scene.

The Auditorium hall offers six different configurations to adapt the scene and the number of seats to the different shows that vary between 650 and 1,000 seats.

The stage can serve as a single surface, to host shows with a large number of participants (artists or musicians), or can be subdivided to simultaneously have a stage inside the room and another behind the curtain for assembly. The room is equipped with electro-acoustic installation and has a projection room and simultaneous translation rooms.

The walls and ceilings of the room are formed by acoustic panels finished with Canadian cedar wood. The floors of the room are made of solid oak wood flooring. The seats are formed by a wooden structure, padded with leather.

Zocodover Space

Learn more characteristics about the Sala Zocodover

As a result of the innovative design of the Palace, the multipurpose room Zocodover is located on the -2 floor of the compound. Although it is accessible from the outside, through a monumental glass, it is a space designed for exhibitions and banquets. It can also be accessed from the inside going downstairs or using the large elevators.

An added value of this space is its direct connection to our kitchens. Our catering team prepares seasonal dishes and selects their own menus with our clients.

As a result of all this, we have a large space, with an imposing height that makes it an ideal place for events of up to 700 people.

The area, of 849 square meters, offers a unique environment to celebrate from exhibitions and fairs to celebrations. A significant element of Zocodover is the imposing columns that support part of the site and offer an unbeatable support for the placement of advertising elements.

The whole space has several RJ-45 network sockets for Internet / Intranet connection, as well as voice and data connections.

It also has a competent audio system with PC-1867FC speakers of 12cm and 6w each. These are complemented with other 6.5’’ surface speakers of 10w A-256AMC.

And how could it be otherwise, we also have a comprehensive system of emergency management, fire and safety.

In short, the multipurpose room Zocodover, offers a large space fully configurable and adaptable to any need.

Toledo Room

Learn more characteristics about the Sala Toledo

The Multipurpose Room, located on the restaurant floor, level +500.00, works as a "Black Box". It is a rectangular room with the dimensions of 27 m in length, 16 m in width and 7 m in height. The total surface is 432 m2. The maximum occupancy is flexible and the furniture is adapted to allow any type of event and show (Congress, theater, music, dance, exhibition, etc.). The technical ceiling, formed by a network of metal tubes, allows the installation of audiovisual equipment according to the needs of each show.

The room has translation and projection cubicles located on the upper floor, at a height of +504.55. The walls and ceilings of the room are formed by acoustic panels finished with Canadian cedar wood. The floors of the room are made of solid oak wood flooring.

El Greco Rooms

Learn more characteristics about the Salas El Greco

Luckily, with a space as configurable and adaptable as El Greco, it offers us an infinity of possibilities. As a result of a perfect space optimization, this room can be transformed between 1 and 6 rooms. A panel system is responsible for this function, offering capacities from 32 to 140 people.

Different configurations for meetings, conferences, informative talks. It is also an optimal space for a cocktail, celebrations or banquet.

Located on the entrance floor, it is easily accessible to all types of public.

The area of ​​this enclosure varies from 64 m2 to 165m2.

The entire space is equipped with the latest communication and events technology. Rack systems, wall boxes with RJ-45 connections and voice and data boxes. It has an electric power of 36kw.

An excellent lighting complements a modern video projection system, ideal for all types of events or presentations. The sound is enhanced with a speaker system of 12 cm and 6W power PC-1867FC.

Miradero Room

Learn more characteristics about Sala Miradero

The Miradero rooms present an original space for holding meetings. It should be noted the views of the Zocodover space, through a large window, lets in a lot of light. Standing in its upper part. It is used as a VIP room or for meetings. Located at the top of the multipurpose room, it is accessible from floor -1 through an elevator and stairs. We can also access them from the Zocodover room itself, being able to configure the act in both rooms.

It offers without doubt, another different proposal to frame your events or meetings. As a consequence of this, it is a place as suitable for high level meetings as for small presentations.

In short, despite being a well-lit space, offers that point of privacy necessary in some cases.

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